Capstone Project Ideas

Now it’s time to put what you learned into practice. Choose from the five Capstone Projects listed here.

Construct a timeline of Reformation events using photos taken on your visit to Wittenberg and surrounding sites.

Create a photo essay of your trip to Wittenberg. You can include connections to Luther’s Small Catechism and how your understanding of the importance of the catechism may have changed.

Create a biography of key individuals involved in the Reformation movement. Use photos, journal notes, and things you have learned about the individuals, their living environments, and the challenges they faced during this time in history.

Write a short story that narrates the life of Luther. Include your photos as illustrations and details about the historical persons, places, and objects you have seen.

Design an altarpiece or a stained glass window using the information you have learned and your experiences on this trip. Remember that symbols communicate a lot!

Share Your Photos (Instagram area)

Share your experiences with the group. Create community. To share, simply __________.


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