Wittenberg Walkers Day 1

Catechetical Connections

Opening Devotion Daily Prayer—Morning

Walking Tour

Follow the Walking Tour map, taking in the city streets, sights, and sounds. Here are the points of interest:

  • Old Latin School
  • Marienkirche (St. Mary’s Church)
  • Franciscan Monastery
  • Coswig Gate
  • Schlosskirche (Castle Church)
  • Cranach House
  • Marktplatz and Rathaus (market square and town hall)
  • Stroll along Collegienstrasse
  • Leucorea (Wittenberg University)
  • Melanchthon’s House
  • Bugenhagen’s House (St. Mary’s parsonage)
  • Luther’s House (former Augustinian cloister)
  • Altstadt (Old City) Perimeter
  • Elster Gate

Questions for Reflection while walking:

  1. What does reformation (or reform) mean?
  2. What do you remember about Martin Luther?
  3. Why were fortified cities necessary at this time?
  4. What were some of the threats against the cities?
  5. How might I pray while I explore? Consider Luther’s “A Simple Way to Pray,” found in Catechetical Connections.

Closing Devotion Daily Prayer—Close of the Day

Walking Tour Map with Key Sites Highlighted

Wittenberg Map
  • 1. Old Latin School
  • 2. (Stadtkirche/Marienkirche) St. Mary’s Church
  • 3. Franciscan Monastery
  • 4. Coswig Gate (Castle Gate)
  • 5. Schlosskirche (Castle Church)
  • 6. Cranach Houses
  • 7. Markt (Market)
  • 8. Leucorea (Wittenberg University)
  • 9. Melanchthon’s House
  • 10. Bugenhagen’s House
  • 11. Luther’s House
  • A. Collegienstrasse (College Street)
  • B. Schlossstrasse (Castle Street)
  • C. Juedenstrasse (Jewish Street)
  • D. Coswig Strasse (Coswig Street)
  • E. Buergermeisterstrasse (Mayor Street)
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